Arist Trung Tadashi


The Hungarian tattooist simply known as Boris is one of the most respected and looked up to artists in the industry. With 23 years experience as a professional tattooist at his own shop—Boristattoo in Austria—and work as a mentor to some of this generation’s greats, like Randy Engelhard, Boris has finally opted to get his first tattoo. Via Instagram, the fantasy realism artist posted photos of his latest project: getting tattooed by portrait extraordinaire, Nikko Hurtado. According to the pair’s Insta feeds, this was only the first session of Boris’ new piece. Hurtado posted a snippet photo of a tattooed eye to preview the tattoo currently in the works along with caption: “Had the honor of tattooing a great friend and a tattoo icon. This guy has inspired many and I’ve been watching his work for the last 14 years of my tattoo career. He sat better then most and this was his very first tattoo. I have to say thank you from the bottom of my heart [Boris] @boristattoo for giving me the honor of doing and starting a beautiful piece of art on you. It’s my turn next time.” Full photos have not yet surfaced, but stay tuned as we wait to see what this tattoo legend has chosen for his very first tattoo!

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