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Sakura seldom single image appeared in a tattoo. Sometimes that's a very sad thing given the beauty and significance of this flower. Elegant looks delicate little petals flying in the wind easily be submerged as a background role in the huge tattoo and gorgeous Japanese-style, covering the arms, back or whole body card. Still, hundreds of years of traditional Japanese tattoo, roots that cling to beauty deep root and flourish, given that the role of Sakura's all. And while tradition has held back to Cherry hardly appear as an independent design, powerful symbolism of this flower still life of their own.

As Motoori Norinaga, Japanese scholars famous in the 18th century, wrote in a poem:

"If asked about the Japanese spirit,
I'll answer
That's like
The wild cherry blossoms
Glistens in the sun tomorrow. "


With the Japanese, offering fine when Cherry blossom, then quickly faded and falling in the wind symbolizes life. The fragility of cherry blossom was also the fragility of human life; flowers blooming period is short like our lives; leaving the branches of flowers while excellent flavor concentration petal, like any beautiful thing on earth ended in glorious moment, the death of the warrior ideal Samurai; final, perfect beauty and uniqueness of cherry blossom is also the beauty of each of us. Bitterness, laments with some people but filled with hope for many others, symbolic of the key details of tattoo art seem too heavy when applied to such a flower. But as well as these other powerful symbol of tattoo art everywhere, Sakura had to shoulder this responsibility naturally.
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