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Although the traditional Japanese tattoos - especially large size hand tightly, tightly sealed back or people - reminds you feel complicated, confusing and countless motifs to choose from, really this was not so. In fact, the traditional Japanese tattoos usually designed based on a certain group of icons, even when it comes to flowers, it mainly only 3 categories: cherry blossom, peony and Chrysanthemum.

House lawn between the scenes,
There was no car noise horse.
Asked him: "Why is that?"
The heart far away land itself.
Picking chrysanthemums under hedge East,
South Mountain blowers look.
Beautiful sunset mountain air,
Birds fly in flocks.
In dark scenes position,
Want to have forgotten the words describe.
Poet Tao Yuanming (365-427)
In this famous poem by poet born rich Tan Tao Yuanming's influence, we see the symbolism and importance that Chrysanthemum shown. From unity with autumn - Chrysanthemum flower blooming season, to think of the other characteristics of autumn as the time of rest after the harvest and time mistress, Chrysanthemum, very natural, has turned into a symbol of life attitude isolated, reclusive.
However, the meaning symbolizes happiness and longevity of Chrysanthemum in Japanese culture originated from the actual shape of this flower. Wholeness and balance with thousands of spreading petals radiating from ovary, Chrysanthemum are among the symbols for the sun. And the symbol of the sun, the obvious Chrysanthemum symbolizes life and longevity. Until today, Marigold is a symbol of Japanese Imperial, Imperial Chrysanthemum throne This is the position of the emperor.

While spring cherry blossom symbolizes beauty radiant and transience of our life, the art of tattooing in Japan, the Chrysanthemum the meaning is exactly the opposite. It is a flower of autumn and fullness, a life symbolizes not only longevity but also happiness and well enough.


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