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Clover and 4 leaves clover were the symbol of Ireland, is widely recognizable worldwide. It is a symbol of Irish descent, and in the case of 4-leaf grass, a symbol of good luck and auspiciousness.

Interestingly, Clover and 4 leaves clover actually just one kind - of course we have very clear differences in the number of leaves - and the traditional symbolism of them had from thousands of years ago, from the person Druid, Celtic tribes until modern times, when the people of Ireland have converted to Christianity. To a certain extent, St. Patrick used the three leaves of grass as metaphors for God 3 star similar to the acquisition of the Nordic pagan tradition, use evergreen trees decorated in Christmas to the Lord out team.

One of the reasons the 4 leaves clover is said to be lucky because they are extremely rare. The probability of finding a four leaf plants is estimated to be 10,000 to 1. The miracle of  4 leaves clover storied still to this day, because finding a four leaf grass really is a coincidence Rare and luck omen. According to legend, 4 leaf symbolizes:

The first leaf is HOPE ...
The second leaf FAITH ...
The third leaf LOVE ...
And the fourth is LUCK!


A  4 leaves clover usually have one leaf actually slightly smaller than the remaining 3 leaves. Because too rarely found a  4 leaves clover, one proverb "May as Irish citizens." One of the things that make up the long-term attractiveness of  4 leaves clover it evokes memories of the young and foolish people, when they spend hours searching in every bush grass just to hope to see little sewing plum. Then when we grow up, who could not laugh when he remembered the joy found a  4 leaves clover childhood?
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