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Among the tattoos of mythical creatures, dragon tattoos are most diverse kaleidoscope. There are very few tattoo hides a personal message clear as the Dragon Tattoo. Not recently new people frantic Dragon, the Dragon had legends about ancient, civilization throughout the world, stretching from Mesopotamia to Babylon, from Europe to Asia. Dragon Tattoo is the perfect symbol for power and strength. Dragon is also considered extremely clever species and is a symbol of wisdom. In Europe, the Nagas are depicted with large wings powerful body of the giant reptiles and terribly destructive spewed out flames - Dragon virtually tied to death and savagery clearance. While in Asia, the Dragon is often seen as more benevolent and protective of human life as well as auspicious newspaper.
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Dragon Tattoo is the perfect symbol for power and strength

Because there are so many shapes and cultural factors may be incorporated into the Dragon Tattoo, creativity to design a unique dragon tattoo separate and virtually limitless. Dragon tattoos can be baby alone, wrapped around the wrist or ankle; or extremely large and can also cover the chest, back or wrap tightly closed legs. Depending on the type of dragon tattoo that you might want to choose many different topics. A European dragon can lie in piles of treasure or fighting with a mighty knight during an Asian dragon can fly in cherry forest, amid the misty mountains.

These tattoos are not just for men. Although men are attracted by the strength of the Nagas, many women also chose Dragon tattoo because they radiate confidence and assertiveness.
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