The meaning of love tattoo
Arist Trung Tadashi


 Love tattoo can be a cute way to express your feelings for someone. These tattoos can be bright and colorful, or if a certain couple slightly rebellious, you can choose the bold image and darker. The meaning of the tattoo is very personal love between the bearer and their beloved. Some common ideas for tattoos love heart or inscription bearing the name and the date. Other ideas may contain more symbolic meaning and only couple with their friends understand, such as 1 animated characters that they love or lyrics and listen in both 2 times first meeting. Tattoo infinity sign can also be very romantic, because it meant forever long.

Love tattoo by Tadashi Studio

Each couple are not the same, and their tattoo should like. If a couple falls in love in a certain locality, they can choose the symbol of where to get tattoos on the body. Or maybe tattoo illustrations for a special anniversary they share together. Tattooed wedding ring is an ingenious way to express their love with tattoos.
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