The meaning of Tinkerbell tattoo.
Arist Trung Tadashi


Fairies tattoos are very popular, especially with women. We express spiritual dreamland, kinky in each of us. The fairies and sticking very closely to nature. They are often described as innocent and pure, beautiful and feminine, or sometimes is mysterious and even sinister. The common position of fairy tattoo is on his back, shoulder, ankle, calf or waist. The size is usually small tattoos to look "realistic" or whatever size you like. Fairy tattoos are often quite colorful because fairies are also colorful splendor. First Tattoo large wing on the back is also quite popular with people who want to imagine that you are the first. Fairy tattoos can also be incorporated into the style fantasy image larger. You can give the flying fairies in a closed back tattoo fairy express views. Although small, this type of tattoo still has enough personality and a marvelous though tattooed in large image or detached.

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